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Hawaii Might Be Banning Cigarettes: Why You Should Care

News, Industry News, C-Store Trends, Retail April 03, 2019

Earlier this year, Hawaii lawmakers proposed a bipartisan bill that would begin to eliminate cigarettes from the entire state over the next several years.  This new bill aims to first raise the...

How the C-Store Owner Can Compete with Online Retailers

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, Industry News, C-Store Trends, Retail March 07, 2019

We’ve all heard it before, “everything is going online”.  For store owners running business that relies on a physical store-front, this retail evolution can seem scary.  While the online world...

Fighting Shoplifting in Your C-Store

Building Your Business, Industry News, C-Store Trends, Retail February 19, 2019

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, more than $35 million worth of items is stolen from retailers across the U.S. every day.  This amount covers theft of all kinds of...

Ultimate Online Resource Guide for C-Store Owners

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, goEBT News, Industry News February 14, 2019

As a c-store owner, it's crucial to continually build your business, but it can be hard to find the time or figure out where to start. However, many independent business owners are unsure of the...

The Minimum Wage Has Increased

News, Industry News January 23, 2019


SNAP News: 2018 Farm Bill

Industry News, EBT, Retail January 18, 2019

About every five years, it is the government’s duty to pass a new Farm Bill that molds the foundation for food and agriculture, and other similar matters. Last month, in December, the 2018 Farm...

What's the "Flavor Ban" and Why Should You Care?

Industry News, C-Store Trends, Retail January 03, 2019

Recently there has been much debate on which alcohol and tobacco products should and should not be available to the public and where they can be purchased.  While some people believe that the...

SNAP is Going Online

News, Industry News, EBT December 07, 2018


 Over the years, SNAP shoppers have had their typical routine for shopping. It was simply walking into the store, filling their cart up, and making their way to the counter. While this will...

Do You Know Who Uses SNAP/EBT?

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, Industry News, SNAP Tips November 28, 2018

As experts on the government safety net program, SNAP (also known as food stamps), it’s important to us that retailers considering or currently participating in the program are aware of the facts...

C-Stores in the News

Building Your Business, Industry News, C-Store Trends October 29, 2018

It takes a lot of hard work and long hours to make your dreams come true. C-Store owners everywhere know this to be true. There are different challenges you face everyday, but the success you see...