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    Merchant Snapshot: Tidewater Seafood Shack

    goEBT merchant, Tidewater Seafood Shack, has been home to fresh, local seafood products and meals in Norfolk, Virginia for over six years.


    The owner, Fang Chen, began operating the business in 2017. During the pandemic, Mr. Chen said that the seafood restaurant and market did face challenges, but everything is back to business as usual these days. Business seems to be going very well for Tidewater Seafood Shack post-pandemic.

    Tidewater Seafood Shack is best known for its fresh seafood including crab, shrimp, lobster, fish, and more! Mr. Chen’s personal favorite is the local crab, but customers seem to enjoy all the fresh seafood the local store has to offer. Tidewater Seafood Shack sells not only cold seafood grocery items, but also hot prepared meals.



    Becoming a SNAP Retailer

    Mr. Chen realized there was a need for SNAP retailers in his community and said, “our community has a lot of families that rely on EBT, and I wanted to be able to help.” Since he started accepting EBT more than four years ago, he has noticed more customers coming into his store.


    When asked how accepting EBT has impacted his business, Mr. Chen said “accepting EBT has increased traffic flow and added a new revenue stream for my business. There truly is a lot of return business that can come from accepting EBT.”


    Tidewater Seafood Shack has trusted goEBT for reliable EBT processing for SNAP benefits since October 2018! Mr. Chen said that “goEBT has helped a lot with business, this location has a lot of EBT customers and getting started with goEBT helped me grow the business.” One of his favorite things about using goEBT for EBT processing is the excellent live customer service and fast support!


    Since Tidewater Seafood Shack sells hot/prepared meals as well, Mr. Chen is hoping to get started with the Restaurant Meals Program as soon as it becomes available in Virginia so that he can sell his fresh, prepared meals to all his customers, including his SNAP customers.


    Tidewater Seafood Shack is not on any social media platforms yet, but you can check out their website at or go visit them in person at 7483 Tidewater Drive Norfolk, VA 23505.

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