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    C-stores are Elevating Foodservice to Bring in New Customers

    Convenience stores have been known for their selection of snacks and drinks, but recently they are becoming a destination for travelers to stop for meals. With convenience being a key trend and the “grab-and-go” lifestyle becoming increasingly popular, c-stores are elevating their foodservice offerings. Here are some ways c-stores are improving foodservice to attract customers looking for quick meals.


    Expanded Menus

    C-stores are no longer just offering hot dogs and chips. Many are expanding their menus to include a variety of options such as sandwiches, salads, and even sushi. This allows customers to have a wider selection of food to choose from, including healthier options, making it more likely for them to stop by for a quick bite.


    Quality Ingredients

    C-stores are also focusing on using high-quality ingredients in their food offerings. This not only improves the taste of the food, but it also appeals to health-conscious customers who are looking for healthier options on-the-go. By using fresh or even locally sourced ingredients, c-stores are able to elevate their foodservice and attract a wider range of customers.



    One of the main advantages of c-stores is their convenience. Customers can quickly grab a bite to eat while filling up their gas tank or picking up last minute grocery items. To make the experience even more convenient, c-stores are implementing the latest technology to ensure a quick checkout experience for customers.


    Advanced Technology

    Stores are also exploring technology in other ways to enhance their food service. Some are using digital menu boards to display their offerings and promotions, while others are implementing loyalty programs through mobile apps. This not only makes the ordering process more efficient, but it also allows C-stores to gather data on their customers' preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly. Additionally, implementing fast, reliable payment processing services is a requirement to ensure the best experience for their customers. With goEBT, customers have the ability to accept a variety of payment types like EBT, Credit/debit, and OTC & grocery benefits all in one checkout app. Learn more about goEBT’s solutions.


    Upscale Atmosphere

    Owners are also focusing on creating a more upscale atmosphere for their customers. This includes modern and inviting store designs, comfortable seating areas, and even outdoor dining options. By creating a more inviting and comfortable space, c-stores can attract customers who may have previously overlooked them as a food option.


    By elevating their foodservice offerings, c-stores open the door to customers looking for quick bites on-the-go. With expanded menus, quality ingredients, convenience, technology integration, upscale atmospheres, and partnerships, c-stores are becoming a go-to destination for a grab and go meal.


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