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    Have You Heard of the NACS In Store Initiative

    A large part of gaining favoritism among legislation is bringing these officials to your level as a store owner and showing them how valuable your business is. In recent years, the value that C-stores provide to their community was lost in the eyes of legislators. Laws did not exist to protect the C-store industry from data breaches or loss of people's financial information. NACS is seeking better representation from legislators and government officials in the hopes of turning this around. Through this new initiative, NACS expects a better understanding from government leaders when passing laws to bring more success to C-Stores across the nation.

    NACS hopes to bring people like Congress men and women, State Representatives, and other elected officials together with convenient store owners within their community to show how pivotal these businesses are. These officials make the laws that can help or hurt businesses, NACS wants to pair that business with a friendly face in the hopes that law-makers think twice about their decisions. 

    Much like an internship, these legislators come into stores and see what it is like run a store. They get to know the struggles and successes of employees and managers, all in the hopes that more empathy will be shown to the working man/woman. Not only will they get to know the people inside the business but others in the community too. Many customers rely on these businesses and their flexibility when it comes to payment options. EBT and SNAP benefits are extremely beneficial to these communities and without helpful legislation, some C-Stores might struggle to fulfill that service for the people around them. 

    These "get-together's" are usually planned events that revolve around people in the community lending their voice to the legislators they hope will represent them. In a way, these opportunities are Town Halls sponsored by you! While it is great to get your message out and have your voice heard about your business, it shows a different level of service to the community when you use your establishment as a platform for them to speak up. 

    Your part in these events go beyond the town or city you are located in too. Your store now represents nearly 150,000 C-stores and fuel stations in the United States, 2.2-million people working in the C-store industry, and 160-million Americans who rely on C-stores to get the goods they need everyday. It is a great responsibility and privilege to deliver this important message but if you do it properly, these different law-makers can be more educated on certain issues and, hopefully, make the right decision.