Merchant Spotlight: Knicker Knacker Market

Building Your Business, goEBT News, Merchant Spotlight, EBT, Retailer August 16, 2019

While we have numerous customers scattered across the country with unique qualities, this month's Merchant Spotlight provides a wide range of products and services for their customers that many...

Sales are High but Profits are Low, What Should You Do?

Building Your Business, goEBT News, C-Store Trends, Retail, Retailer July 24, 2019

Issues with high sales and low profits usually relate back to your store's product margins. Margins refer to the amount you spend on a good versus how much you sell it for.  Simply put, when you...

Why It Might Be Smart For You to Incorporate Your Business

Building Your Business, goEBT News, C-Store Trends May 31, 2019

TravelCenters (TA) of America has begun to incorporate their rest locations and restaurants in 43 states on May 23rd. After a meeting between board members, the company elected to go public and...

Credit Card Fraud and Scams, Can you still be effected in 2019?

Consumer Trends, goEBT News, Industry News May 21, 2019

Nearly 221 billion dollars are lost each year due to credit card fraud and scams around the world. Financial institutions take steps to prevent these incidents from happening, yet, some scammers...

Merchant Spotlight: Dollars Plus and More LLC

goEBT News, Merchant Spotlight, C-Store Trends April 26, 2019

While the standard convenience stores and gas stations make up the bulk of our goEBT merchants, we also serve a number of other types of stores who like to be able to accept EBT as a form of...

Ultimate Online Resource Guide for C-Store Owners

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, goEBT News, Industry News February 14, 2019

As a c-store owner, it's crucial to continually build your business, but it can be hard to find the time or figure out where to start. However, many independent business owners are unsure of the...

Merchant Spotlight: Fedie Chani

goEBT News, Merchant Spotlight, EBT December 11, 2018


Our Merchant Spotlight for the month of December goes to Fedie Chani! This proud goEBT partner is the owner of Roosevelt Connect Mart. His establishment is located in the "Windy City" of...

Don't Make These SNAP Retailer Mistakes...

goEBT News, SNAP Tips, EBT November 29, 2018

Congratulations! You have finished the requirements and have become an eligible retailer for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). 

Merchant Question: "Can I sell energy drinks?"

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, goEBT News, SNAP Tips October 19, 2018

Question: “Can I sell energy drinks?” -Ranny Gammo, Peck Market