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Merchant Spotlight: Hawkins House of Burgers

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80+ Years of Serving Los Angeles… from Locals to Celebrities

goEBT EBT processing merchant Hawkins House of Burgers, home to “The Best Burger in Los Angeles,” has been a staple in the Watts neighborhood of southeast Los Angeles for more than 80 years. Cynthia Hawkins, the youngest of 14 children, is the third generation of her family to manage this business, which has adapted over the years to fit the needs of the community.

Merchant Spotlight: Sr. Cliff's Texas Style Burritos

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50 Years and Counting in the Food Industry

goEBT EBT processing merchant Sr. Cliff’s Texas Style Burritos, home of the original Soul Man burrito, has been providing Afro-Mexican fusion food to the Compton community since 1992. However, the story of this community staple actually began in 1969, when founder and co-owner Cliff Williams arrived in California.

EBT Processor goEBT Adds Credit Processing, Smart Payment Terminals to Service Offering

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EBT Processor goEBT Adds Credit Processing, Smart Payment Terminals to Service Offering

goEBT+ payment terminal application enables EBT, credit processing on one smart device

How the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act can support the health of your business

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Now more than ever the American people will be turning to local businesses to meet their families’ nutritional needs. With the economic impact of COVID-19 the number of applicants for government assistance has doubled. As part of the U.S. government’s $2T stimulus package, an additional $15.5B has been allocated to the SNAP/EBT government benefits program.

Merchant Spotlight: Knicker Knacker Market

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While we have numerous customers scattered across the country with unique qualities, this month's Merchant Spotlight provides a wide range of products and services for their customers that many others can not match. Knicker Knacker Market and Grocery Store has built a business for anyone that may come walking through their doors, which is why they have become so prevalent among the people in its community. If you are located in the Montgomery area or perhaps, just passing through, make sure to stop in and see what makes Knicker Knacker so special. Knicker Knacker Market and Grocery is located at: 163 Lee St. Unit A, Montgomery, AL 36104.

Sales are High but Profits are Low, What Should You Do?

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Issues with high sales and low profits usually relate back to your store's product margins. Margins refer to the amount you spend on a good versus how much you sell it for.  Simply put, when you subtract your cost of a good from the amount that you sold it for, the remaining amount is the margin.  The goal of any business owner is to maximize their margins so that they are gaining as much profit as possible from every product they carry. For many businesses, combining the cost to ship and purchase the good while keeping it at a low price for their customers leaves them with little money left in their pockets. Factor in all the other expenses businesses have each month, and people can be operating in the red and losing money more often than they can afford to.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, we have some options for you: 

Why It Might Be Smart For You to Incorporate Your Business

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TravelCenters (TA) of America has begun to incorporate their rest locations and restaurants in 43 states on May 23rd. After a meeting between board members, the company elected to go public and liquidate what it had in assets into stocks to be openly traded on the market.  Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with your store? This situation can have a very positive effect on how you run your business depending on what you do with the information.

Credit Card Fraud and Scams, Can you still be effected in 2019?

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Nearly 221 billion dollars are lost each year due to credit card fraud and scams around the world. Financial institutions take steps to prevent these incidents from happening, yet, some scammers seem to slip through the cracks. Here are some tips to protect your business from credit card scams. 

Merchant Spotlight: Dollars Plus and More LLC

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While the standard convenience stores and gas stations make up the bulk of our goEBT merchants, we also serve a number2l4PKQy of other types of stores who like to be able to accept EBT as a form of payment.  Plus, many of our convenience and grocery store merchants are finding that by adding other types of products, not just snacks and drinks, they can not only increase their foot traffic, but also increase their sales.  One of the stores that has proven this concept to be true is Dollars Plus and More in Akron, Ohio.  While the store does carry the standard "corner store essentials" like wall to wall packaged beverages and all the candy genres you could imagine, the family-owned business is taking affordable convenience a step farther to offer all of the standard household items at more than reasonable prices.

Ultimate Online Resource Guide for C-Store Owners

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As a c-store owner, it's crucial to continually build your business, but it can be hard to find the time or figure out where to start. However, many independent business owners are unsure of the opportunities of internet resources, which wait just a few easy taps away.  To help c-store owners make use of the internet, especially those that may be new to this topic, we've created a C-Store Owner Online Resource Guide.