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    Why Technology is a MUST for Your Small Business

    Because owning and operating a small business usually means trying to learn and do most things on your own, many store owners in the convenience and grocery industry try to keep the number of new things they try low.  However, this has proven to be a bad strategy when store owners are trying to keep ahead of the competition and keep their target consumers happy.  One area where small business owners tend to avoid change or updates is technology, and this is becoming a huge issue for many business’ success.  If you aren’t making technology a priority in your business, there are several reasons why you need to make a change.

    Consumers Demand Store Experiences They are Familiar With

    It’s 2019 and the fact is: people are accustomed to using the latest technology in their every day lives.  This is especially true for the top consumer group, millennials, who have grown up with technology and are now the ones developing it.  Customers are used to purchase experiences that include the following characteristics:

    • Mobile technology
    • Convenience
    • Customization
    • Secure technology
    • Social aspects

    Technology makes it possible for even single store owners to create these ideal customer experiences.

    You’re Not Just Competing with Other Brick and Mortar Stores

    Today, even the corner store must keep the online competition in mind.  With advancements like same-day grocery delivery and meal delivery from nearly every restaurant, food retailers must be more mindful than ever about what will make their business unique enough to keep customers coming back.  Incorporating different types of technology into your store could make it a place that certain customers just have to visit.  Also, make sure that you’re using technology to advertise to customers even when they’re online, not just passing by your store.

    There’s Technology for Every Part of Your Business

    Technology isn’t meant to be a hindrance, but a way for you to continuously improve your business and what you provide to your customers.  Think about all the different areas of your business that you’re responsible for and how technology could help you do better, or more.  If there’s something you wish was easier, or didn’t take so much time, chances are there is technology to help.

    Some of the key technology improvements could be:

    • Inventory management
    • Accounting
    • Security
    • Accepting payments
    • Advertising
    • Pay at the pump options
    • Cybersecurity

    Keeping Up with Technology Isn’t Always Expensive

    The reason why many small business owners avoid updating their technology is because they assume it will be too expensive.  This is usually not true.  Because technology is so advanced, there are a lot of companies who have developed easy to access affordable technology options especially for the businesses that need it.  What’s even better, is these affordable options are also usually simpler to implement in your store.

    With technology becoming increasingly affordable, easy to use, and just generally common, more consumers expect stores to be technologically up-to-date.  When you don’t keep up with technology, you’re not only making maintaining your business more difficult, you’re probably pushing away most of your consumers.  Don’t put your business’ success on the line when you could be helping your customers and yourself by upgrading your store with top-notch technology.  Start small if you want but start somewhere.