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    Benefits of Accepting EBT at Your Store

    Accepting EBT at your store has many benefits for your business. A recent Supermarket News article  cited “SNAP households represent 24% of U.S. consumer goods spend.” Opening your doors to this new market can increase your revenue and your store’s foot traffic.


    Supermarket News summarized a recent report about the impact of SNAP customers…

    SNAP recipients are diverse


    SNAP recipients spend more per trip


    SNAP recipients spend more per unit


    Private label brands are outperforming CPG in some stores


    SNAP recipients are shopping at more regional and ethnic grocery stores


    SNAP consumers are shifting from eating out to eating in


    Based on the data, SNAP recipients are key customers for grocery stores, convenience stores, bodegas, pharmacies, and other specialty retailers. These customers can provide many benefits for your store, so if you aren’t accepting EBT you’re missing out on revenue. Becoming a SNAP retailer may seem overwhelming, but goEBT makes the process easy with these free resources for retailers.


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