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    SNAP-Ed Program: Tips for SNAP Retailers and Communities

    USDA’s SNAP-Ed program is an amazing resource for SNAP retailers as well as SNAP recipients. The program focuses on educating people on how to live a healthy life and how to make the most of their SNAP dollars, organizing nutrition education classes and social marketing campaigns, as well as takes initiative to improve government policies. While FNS provides resources and guidance on SNAP-Ed, states oversee running their own programs.


    SNAP retailers have a large influence on SNAP recipients, as their store inventory is supplying SNAP recipients with items they need. It is important for SNAP retailers to be knowledgeable about the needs of SNAP recipients and how to cater inventory to focus on health and nutrition. SNAP-Ed is committed to working with organizations, like SNAP retailers, to ensure they are equipped with the proper resources and receive marketing, merchandising, customer newsletter, and technical product placement advice.


    Retailers can also…

    • Advertise fresh produce and nutritional items
    • Provide recipe ideas, especially low-cost recipe ideas
    • Create healthy check-out lanes that feature nutritional snacks over candies


    In addition to what SNAP retailers can do, USDA recommends the following community efforts to support SNAP-Ed…