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    Where Do SNAP Customers Shop?

    SNAP customers shop can use their EBT cards to purchase healthy food items from convenience stores, grocery stores, quick service restaurants (in states that operate an RMP), bodegas, and other specialty retailers. What you may not know is SNAP customers can bring in a new revenue stream to your business.


    Learn a few facts about SNAP customers...


    SNAP recipients rely on their local stores for essential healthy food items. Bringing these customers into your convenience store, grocery store, bodega, or QSR allows you to meet their needs and brings in a new profit stream for your business. To become an EBT retailer, you have to meet the FNS stocking requirements then you can apply to become a SNAP retailer. Take our free SNAP retailer quiz to see if you qualify to become a SNAP retailer. You can also check out these free EBT resources from goEBT.


     Once you become a SNAP retailer, you will need to get started with an EBT processor so you can accept EBT payments. goEBT offers unlimited EBT processing with state-of-the-art equipment and live representatives. To learn more about goEBT’s unlimited EBT processing, fill out this form.