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Fluctuating Gas Prices: Keeping Customers Happy

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Throughout the year gas prices rise and fall affecting your customers shopping and fueling habits. It is important to know how to keep your customers happy no matter what the price is at the pump so that your profits stay consistent all year long.

Signage at the Pump

Building Your Business, Consumer Trends, Fuel, Industry News

Most c-store owners understand that advancements in payment technology are causing fuel consumers to come into the c-store from the pump less and less.  Because gas margins are so thin compared to those on items sold inside the c-store, this is a troubling trend for store owners.  C-store owners can no longer simply rely on great fuel prices to drive their store’s customer traffic and loyalty.  Now, retailers are under pressure to innovate and keep their consumers coming inside their stores.  While signage at the gas pump and other places in the forecourt used to be an afterthought, fuel retail experts are warning that ignoring these opportunities to advertise could be very detrimental to a store’s success.

E15: A Profitable Fuel Option

Building Your Business, Fuel, goEBT News, Industry News

E15 may be one of the best options for additional fuel profits for c-store owners. E15 is one of the newest gas alternatives that appeals to both environmentally conscious customers and c-store owners looking to spend less on fuel.

Are Gas-Powered Cars Going Away?

Consumer Trends, Fuel, Industry News

As more electric vehicles (EV) emerge, many are wondering if there is a future for gasoline powered automobiles. Looking at the overall progress of alternatively fueled cars can help us understand what is happening now and what will come in the future.