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    E15: A Profitable Fuel Option

    E15 may be one of the best options for additional fuel profits for c-store owners. E15 is one of the newest gas alternatives that appeals to both environmentally conscious customers and c-store owners looking to spend less on fuel.

    How is E15 Different?

    E15 is a fuel that is made up of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. Having ethanol added to gasoline is shown to reduce emissions and helps to keep your engine cleaner. This is partially due to its higher octane rating, which measures the performance of an engine fuel. The higher the octane number is the more the fuel can withstand. E15 is also different because it has been tested in multiple different vehicles driving over 6 million combined miles and "can be used in nearly all existing fuel infrastructures without risk of damage". Making it a great option for c-store owners to sell at the pump. It is also available in twenty-eight states in varying c-stores.

    What Kind of Vehicles Use E15?

    In 2012, the blended ethanol fuel was approved for vehicles that are the model year 2001 and newer by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This group includes more than 80 percent of the cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road today, which means that many of your customer's vehicles are most likely compatible with E15 fuel. Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford have also approved E15 for all of their 2017 models.

    Why Should I Offer an Alternative Fuel?

    E15 will save you money.

    Since E15 is much cheaper than any other fuel, especially unleaded gas choosing to sell this fuel alternative should be an easy choice for c-store owners.

    Set the prices in your area for maximum profits. 

    Many c-stores have not yet implemented E15. This means that there is a huge opportunity to make profits if you are the only seller in your area. By offering something that your competitors do not have you will be able to control the prices making your business more money.

    Bring in customers with lower prices fuel signs. 

    Since E15 costs less to buy, you will be able to offer lower prices. This will bring in more customers at the pumps and inside of your c-store.

    Attract new customers with a fuel option your competitors do not have.

    Today, fuel volumes are up at every c-store in both single stores and large chains that are offering E15. More fuel sales mean more customers will be coming into your c-store to buy additional products.

    Be environmentally and economically conscious. 

    Ethanol is considered to be much better for the environment than traditional gasoline since it produces lower carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions. You could also help the economy by offering E15 since more than 136,000 green-collar jobs could be created nationwide as more retailers switch to fuel alternatives. Ethanol fuels are also created domestically, so our dependence on foreign oil would decrease.

    Who Is Already Selling It?

    Throughout the country, many c-store chains have started implementing E15 fuel in select locations. Here are a few of the companies currently offering E15:

    • Sheetz
    • Kum & Go
    • Murphy USA
    • MAPCO Express
    • Protec Fuel
    • Minnoco
    • RaceTrac
    • QuikTrip
    • Thornton’s
    • Hy-Vee

    Where Do I Start?

    In order to be able to offer E15 to your customers, you must have the right equipment and meet all of the required regulations. The RFA has a great guide that explains exactly what you need to do to get your pumps ready. It may seem costly to get your fueling stations ready to sell E15 fuel, but you will most likely make back these costs quickly. E15 is very promising and you will be able to see major profits soon after offering the alternative fuel to your customers.

    As vehicles evolve and the need for alternative fuel increases, it is important for c-stores owners to start implementing new fueling options. Considering a 15 percent ethanol fuel is a profitable move since many c-stores have yet to switch. Be the first in your area and enjoy the boost in overall sales as customers choose your c-store over the competition.