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    Why the Snack Category is King

    Convenience stores, groceries, and bodegas are known for snack stops. Whether your store attracts road trip snackers or city dwellers looking for a late-night snack from your bodega or grocery store, snacking is a key category for business. Even more so the last couple of years with consumer snacking being on the rise.


    A recent Food Insight report found almost all surveyed respondents snack at least once a day, with 1/3 of people saying they snack once a day, and 24% saying they snack multiple times a day. With so many consumers snacking, the snack category is a space you don’t want your business to miss out on. Additionally, snack focused items like snack or bento boxes have grown in popularity as lunch options. Snack/bento boxes could be a great grab-n-go lunch for consumers. Learn more about refreshing your lunch menu.


    According to a recent NACS article, the alternative snack category has been on the rise after taking a hit during the pandemic. The category’s sales were up over 23% in 2021. This category offers high-margin goods like meat snacks, which represented almost 60% of the category’s sales according to NACS. With more consumers being health-conscious and meat snacks like beef jerky being a quick source of protein, this subcategory could continue to see growth in 2023 and beyond. With the product being a higher gross margin good, this could be great for your business!


    A few ways you can revamp your snack category to draw in more customers are…


    1. Revamp your inventory

    Refreshing your inventory every once in a while is always a good idea. To ensure you are meeting the needs of your customer, consider conducting a customer survey to see what types of snacks they want you to carry.

    1. Sell snack or bento boxes

    These boxes are starting to become more popular lunch options for consumer. These are also extremely convenient for customers to grab and be on their way. These boxes can also be high-margin goods for your store.

    1. Explore healthy snack options

    In a post pandemic world, more customers are focused on their health. Be sure to looking into stocking healthy options for these customers like protein bars, fruit, beef jerky, etc.


    Hopefully your store can experience the benefits of having a successful snack category. With more people snacking, your store can draw in more customers for a road trip snack, late night snack, or lunch snack!


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