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    Refresh Your Store's Foodservice Menu

    Foodservice for convenience stores grew in 2022 and brought in more profit for business owners. In order to keep up with changing customer needs, it is important to make changes to your menu every once in a while. Food trends are constantly changing, so be sure to ask your customers what they’d like to see so you can best cater your offerings to your store’s audience. Here are a few food trends to help you refresh your store's food menu…


    Grab-n-Go Meals

    Convenience became increasingly important to consumers throughout the pandemic. Grab-n-go meals are extremely convenient for customers. The options for these are endless and the category provides opportunities for you to get creative. You can make grab-n-go salads, snack boxes, sandwich meal, fruit boxes, protein boxes, and much more. Surveying your customers to see what options they would be interested in allows you to purchase the right boxes for your store. When you take time to provide quality food service, your store will become known and the convenience store with the delicious, convenient food.

    Healthy Options

    In a post-pandemic world, consumers are focused on their health now more than ever. Because of this, more people are wanting access to healthy options in convenient settings. Try offering fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, lean proteins, etc. This will open your foodservice to health-conscious individuals, increasing your store’s foodservice sales.

    Fresh Ingredients

    People are paying more attention to ingredients with increased focus on consumer health. Because of this, it is important to provide a list of ingredients on your menu. This allows customers to see what is going into their food and encourage health-conscious customers to make a purchase. Ensure you are stocking quality ingredients.

    Popular Flavors

    A few popular flavors for this year include…

    New menu ideas and fresh designs are great ways to get customers to notice your foodservice options, which can help boost revenue for the category. Additionally, gathering customer feedback and making adjustments based on it could boost customer loyalty and increase repeat sales. The foodservice category is a great opportunity for store owners to get creative and increase revenue!


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