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    Healthy Snacks Your Convenience Store Needs to Stock

    Convenience stores are known to be quick stops for fuel and a snack. Post-pandemic, more consumers are focused on their health than ever before. With this trend, convenience stores must adjust their inventory to include healthier options customers want. Here are 10 healthy snacks c-store owners must add to their shelves, according to Men’s Journal…


    1. Fruit

    You could opt to stock fresh fruit like bananas, apples, oranges, and more or find packaged dried fruit to keep on the shelves.

    1. Sunflower seeds

    This snack is a customer favorite! It is tasty and healthy, packing protein and lacking unhealthy fats.

    1. Nuts

    Stock various mixes and varieties including almonds, cashews, trail mix, pistachios, and more.

    1. Cereal/Granola

    Offer grab and go cereal cups and various granola bars.

    1. Protein Bars

    Stock up on your protein bar inventory. Consider offering bars that vary in calories and protein content to cater to all you customers.

    1. Protein Shake

    These are great grab and go snacks for customers to fill up on protein throughout their day.

    1. Vegetables

    You could offer carrot and hummus packages, snacks like veggie chips, or fresh vegetables like celery or cucumbers.

    1. Yogurt

    Yogurt is a great healthy snack for customers on the go. Making it the perfect product for convenience stores.

    1. String Cheese

    String cheese is a quick higher protein snack that hits the spot.

    1. Beef Jerky

    Beef jerky is a tasty protein snack that health-conscious customers love.



    Healthy options like the above are also great for your EBT customers who often rely on the closest convenience store for last minute grocery items and snacks. By accepting EBT at your store, you open your doors to a new market that can boost your revenue and increase your customer base. Learn more about becoming a SNAP retailer with these free EBT resources.


    These are just 10 options to stock in your store, but there are a variety of healthy products out there that your customers want to see. Be sure to keep up with trends and gather customer feedback so that you can cater to your customers and continue to operate a successful store.


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