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    Our TOP Posts of 2018


    It’s the beginning of the new year and the future is exciting. 2018, is in the past and done. No matter how hard you wish you can’t reverse time, but you can still take a look at the helpful articles, that have been written, at goEBT. Even though each article is helpful and can make a positive difference for your store, here are the most read posts of 2018. 

    1. Top 7 Reasons Why People Are Unbanked or Underbanked

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reported that about 7% of households in this country are considered “unbanked.” This means that they do not have a checking or savings account at a financial institution. Another 9% of households are “underbanked”, meaning they may have a checking or savings account but still have limited access to other financial resources.  From a lack of access to physical banks to distrust, here are the top seven reasons people forego traditional bank accounts.  


    2. Debunking Myths About EBT Processing/SNAP

    There’s a lot of myths surrounding EBT processing. These common misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Accepting EBT cards as a form of payment offers your customers another way to pay and take advantage of their benefits.  By accepting EBT/ SNAP, you are creating a new revenue for your business and putting yourself in a better position within the community.


    3. The Latest C-Store Shelving Innovations 

    The shelves in your c-store are more important than you might think. Yes, they’re what hold your products, but many retailers are finding a competitive advantage by following and implementing the latest shelving innovations. Their shelves attract customers to products; they make shopping more natural, and they're boosting sales. Don't get left behind! Get a jump start with these latest shelving innovations.


    4. New SNAP Stocking Rules: Take Action Now 

    As we reported before, SNAP retailer requirements have changed, and these changes will impact your c-store in the immediate future.  Per the changes made to the retailer qualifications, the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) will begin implementing these finalized rules. You can view FNS’s webinar and download their one pager for more help preparing for the changes.


    5. Merchant Question: “Can I sell energy drinks?”

    Question: “Can I sell energy drinks?”. While some store owners assume they can pretty much sell any food or beverage to a customer who is using SNAP to pay for the items, that is actually not true.  There are a number of rules that apply to SNAP retailers, not just about what they can and cannot sell in a SNAP transaction, but also what they have to sell in their store in order to be eligible to accept SNAP payments. The simple answer to this question is yes, you can sell energy drinks. However, when it comes to selling energy drinks to a SNAP cardholder, there are some specific rules.

    It’s important to start 2019 off on the right foot. Read these articles to learn how you can improve your establishment. 


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