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    5 Ways to Get Involved this Hunger Action Month

    Hunger Action Month happens each year during the month of September and is designed for people to come together to join the fight against hunger. Today marks the first day of September, making today a great time to learn about how you can make a difference. Here are 5 ways to get involved during Hunger Action month …

    1.  Learn the facts about hunger in America

    While we may believe America is not affected by hunger, the reality is that 38.3 million people live in food-insecure households, 6.1 million of which are children. Hunger in America impacts a variety of people and communities, but it especially impacts rural communities, communities of color, and families with children. While there are many federal programs designed to fight hunger in America, it is often difficult to qualify and many families rely solely on their local food banks and shelters, making it extra important to support local food pantries throughout the year and especially so this September.

    2.  Run a food drive

    This is a great way to support Hunger Action Month as well as your local food pantries. It may be easier than you think to run a food drive, whether it’s at your job or at your school, you can work with others to organize a food drive and make a difference this September. Make sure you contact your local food bank before you get started to see what their most needed items are, how to register, and if there are any donation guidelines. Feeding America provides a great step-by-step guide on how to organize a food drive for your community.

    3.  Donate to your local food pantry

    Since many food-insecure families rely entirely on local food pantries, it is important to help ensure these pantries are stocked with plenty of food and supplies. We all have cans sitting in our pantry that we have not used and, let’s be honest, probably won’t ever use. Donating to your local food pantry is one of the easiest ways to get involved! Clean out some of those cans collecting dust on your shelf or go to the store and buy a variety of canned foods to take over to your local food pantry but be sure to ask your local food pantry what their donation guidelines are first.

    4.  Volunteer at your local food pantry

    Another great way to get involved in Hunger Action Month is to volunteer at your local food pantry. This is a great way to get involved in your community and even meet some amazing people whose lives you are making a difference in. Since the majority of food pantries and soup kitchens rely almost entirely on volunteer support, every minute of your time is impactful, even if you can only volunteer a couple of hours each month.

    5.  Spread Awareness

    In the age of social media, it is way easier to spread awareness and bring light to major issues. There are most likely many people that have never heard of Hunger Action Month and may not know the reality of hunger in America. Share this blog, a tweet or Instagram post provided by Feeding America, or share the fact sheet below to bring awareness to the reality of hunger in America.

    Hunger Action Month (1080 × 1200 px)

     You can also wear orange this September to bring awareness and support to Hunger Action Month, even little actions make a difference. As Feeding America says, “Your power, voice, actions, and commitment will ensure nobody has to make an impossible choice between food and other necessities like medicine, utilities, or childcare.


    If we all come together, we can end hunger.”



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