How to Start 2019 the Right Way

It’s only been a few days now in 2019 and the year is looking bright. You have finished 2018 and are eager to hit the ground running. The holidays have ended, and it’s time to look forward. Despite the next major holiday being Valentine’s Day, and not nearly as popular as the winter holidays, there is still much to do! Take advantage of this opportunity and start 2019 the right way. 

Work Toward to Accomplishing Your Goals

People across the nation make their New Year Resolutions. It could vary greatly from meeting new people to losing weight. It is a very common practice, but as business owners, the same habit should be in mind. 

Whether your goals are large or small, it is important to acknowledge them and work towards those goals. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experiment. It’s the new year and anything can happen. Having goals for your store, will create motivation and will allow your store to reach new heights. 

Spring Cleaning 

Another common practice of many people is to participate in Spring Cleaning. Typically, this would involve deep cleaning for your home. Taking things apart if necessary and moving furniture around is one of key principles of Spring Cleaning. Take this mentality and copy it into your retail establishment. 

Be sure to grab all your employees and deep clean your store. Some of the few essentials are the following: 

  • Cleaning your storage room
    • You may be surprised of all the hidden trash left from the past year.
  • Dusting out air vents 
    • Whether it is changing filters or getting rid of dust bunnies, it is a must.
  • Cleaning your inventory 
    • Old and expired products have to go!

Regardless of the amount of time available, cleaning is a necessity!


Creating a new look, either interior or exterior, is always exciting. Even if your customers may not share the same enthusiasm, they will appreciate the new design. Remodeling can vary greatly as well. It can also be pricey but only for large modifications. Some more budget friendly changes include:

  • New posters and displays 
    • Customers want to see their favorite brands. Be sure to throw out those torn posters and put something big and bright out. 
  • Repainting the walls
    • Some could argue paint is expensive but applying the same color coat to your walls will be cost effective and will make the store more vibrant. 

Some of the costlier yet greater changes can make a big difference. It could literally change your store’s image to the public. Some examples are:

  • Changing the flooring
    • Ripping off the old flooring and adding a new style, such as wood, tile, etc. will be noticed.  
  • Reconstructing counter-tops
    • Adjusting your counter-tops and register locations will also be spotted by your customers! The biggest benefit may be improved convenience for your employees. 

No matter the budget, be creative and aim to please your customers and employees. 

Helping the Community

Not everything concerning 2019 has to be inside your store walls. Having the power to influence your neighborhood in a positive manner should be in your thoughts. There are also many methods of doing this. If you are unsure on how to help, reach out to charities or other influencers in your area to learn more. Being a part of the community isn’t only living there but improving life for everyone. 


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