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    The Latest C-Store Shelving Innovations

    The shelves in your c-store are more important than you might think. Yes, they’re what hold your products, but many retailers are finding a competitive advantage by following and implementing the latest shelving innovations. Their shelves attract customers to products; they make shopping more natural, and they're boosting sales. Don't get left behind! Get a jump start with these latest shelving innovations.

    More Curves

    Long gone are the days of the boring squared-off white metal-frame shelves. Retailers are now finding success with curved gondola shelving units. These displays curve in various direction to showcase different products. As customers walk through the aisles, instead of a straight path, you can display products in a wave form. This allows you to store more without utilizing as much space as well. Also, these shelves make use of more appealing shades of color rather than boring white or basic beige.

    Organic Shelves

    Consumers are getting tired of the brightly-lit, big box store feeling and shop at convenience stores for a more down to earth experience. For this reason, you should avoid wire-frame shelves made of metal. Instead, look into shelving units made of wood or other organic materials. Your store will have more of a local market vibe, and your customers will notice.

    Aisle Interrupters

    Want to capture your customer's attention as they wander through your aisles? Even if they aren't directly looking at your shelves, by placing strategic signs promoting certain products, you can catch their peripheral vision. Many display builders offer these types of signs in many shapes and sizes to fit your existing (or new) shelves perfectly. Get your customers' attention and point them in the right direction with these simple shelf signs.

    Digital Shelves

    This might be a ways away for your store, but nevertheless, it's important to note. Large retailers have begun rolling out digital shelf displays nationwide. These displays display the prices for customers, nutritional facts for products, as well as commercials. These video displays are complete with colorful displays as well. Who isn't attracted to bright colors and moving pictures? It might be out of your budget, but in the coming years, many expect the technology to take hold. 

    Cross Merchandising

    If you were to display your products strictly by category without any strategy, you could be missing out on impulse buys. In 2018, cross merchandising should be one of your top priorities. For example, you should display your salty snack-packed shelves near the beer cave because the two go well together. You could even create specialized aisle display for things like s’mores if your store is on the way to the nearest local campsites. Put the components together with a flashy sign, and just like that, you’ve made a few more impulse sales than you otherwise would have.

    Free Standing Displays

    Want to spate a specific group of products from the rest? Free standing units are a great way to direct customers to your products. These short shelves are also great for cross merchandising, just be careful about your placement. You shouldn't disrupt customer foot traffic, but the shelves should also stand out. If you have the room for them, you should consider adding them to your store.