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    Merchant Snapshot: Fedie Chani


    Our Merchant Spotlight for the month of December goes to Fedie Chani! This proud goEBT partner is the owner of Roosevelt Connect Mart. His establishment is located in the "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois. 


    Not too long ago, a watchful store opened its doors to all who needed great customer service and great products. Roosevelt Connect Mart began business on March 1st, 2017. Despite being new to the community, the citizens adapted quickly. His customers were able to purchase everything they needed. This is not limited to quick groceries or snacks, but being able to access their Boost Mobile needs. The success of his mini market is mostly based on his love for the community. Not only does Fedie Chani offer necessary products for his customers, but he does so with a smile! 

    His method for increasing the customer base is classic, just like his store, and it gets the job done. Gaining word-of-mouth reviews from customers is the main focus for Mr. Chani. By creating a wonderful shopping experience for the customers, they are without a doubt spreading the word. These influencers of the community have done well for Roosevelt Connect Mart. 

    Fedie photo 4

    The entire neighborhood is aware of what the store represents. It is important to Fedie Chani that he is keeping customers happy any way he can. 

    In today’s fast-paced c-store industry, it can be difficult to remember customers are the most important part of your business. It is important, though, to slow things down and enjoy every interaction of the day. This hard-working store owner says that of everything he loves the most about being the owner of Roosevelt Connect Mart, two things are at the top of the list: 

    • Offering convenience for his customers 
    • Supporting the community Fedie photo 1

    These two tasks are accomplished with the help of goEBT! Fedie Chani states our EBT card readers are definitely the fastest around. His customers have added, there is no other retail as fast as Roosevelt Connect Mart’s payment process. By equipping his mini mart with a reliable point of sale device, he is able to always provide his customers with a pleasant and speedy experience.   

    Furthermore, accepting SNAP has brought waves of customers to the store and this is only the beginning. Fedie Chani is excited for the future to come for he plans on expanding and reaching new heights. In the near future, a second store may be in the works, and we are more than excited to join him in the process! 


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