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    Make Speed a Priority, Keep C-Customers Happy

    Make Speed A Priority, Keep C- Store Customers Happy

    Customers today are looking for speed and convenience. Most consumers are on the go and want the products now to fit their immediate needs.  Research has shown that the transaction speed at convenience stores cannot be beat with an average time of 3-4 minutes spent between walking in and checking out. When your focus is not on speed, it could lead to long lines, unhappy customers, and a loss of business if customers grow too impatient to deal with a line. To ensure speed is your priority, here’s a few ways to get your customers in and out quickly and happily.

    Customer Service:

    One bad experience can lead not only to customer loss, but the risk of them sharing the bad experience with other customers. A big way to avoid unsatisfied customers is by having great customer service. The purpose of customer service is not to rush your customer out of the door, but to help them find a product quickly and efficiently. For example, if a customer appears lost or in a rush to find a product, ask them if they need help. Another way is to have two cashiers open at once. While one customer is paying, use the next machine over to begin checking out the next customer. 

    The number one thing customers hate is long lines, this is why employees should be attentive and alert at all times. If you see a line beginning to form and you are floor supervisor, take the initiative and open another lane. When speed is a priority your customers will continue to come back.  If customer service is great, your customers will remain happy. Having employees that are always committed, polite, and helpful can speed up your customer’s transaction time, keeping them loyal to your store. 


    Customers are redefining the word “convenience” and stores must stay up to date if they want to compete. Everything is about the latest technology and if you are still using old out of date machines, they can freeze or crash, causing a loss of business.

    Another idea some c-stores have implemented are self-serve kiosks. Customers like the idea of doing everything at their own pace and self-serve kiosks give them that ability. Amazon Go has shown that customers want a simple solution to checking out and being able to check out themselves using a self-serve kiosk is hassle free. 

    The easiest way to keep customers happy is by accepting different forms of cards, it is good for business and brings in more customers. With goEBT’s EBT processing you can accept SNAP payments on a separate, easy-to-use terminal, making transactions fast and simple.

    Store Organization:

                    Whether you realize it or not, keeping a cleaned organized store plays a big role in transaction times. If your store is disorganized and messy, customers spend more time than they wanted to looking for the product they want. Some ways to keep your store organized and guaranteeing loyal customers are:

    • Keep it stocked: Customers do not want to dig through to the back to find what they want. If you keep things in bulk, customers are more than likely to buy more than they had originally wanted.
    • Cleanliness: Peak times can get everything disorganized but keep your employees on top of it. Try keeping one employee on the floor who can keep the store organized and clean. Customers do not want to spend extra time searching for a product.
    • Prioritize Goods: The products you sell the most, should be in a visible spot that customers can see as soon as they walk in. This way, they will always know where that product is likely keeping them happy and coming back.

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