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    Convenience is Key for Consumers

    The average convenience store customer spends under 4 minutes in the store. It is important for store owners to know the average customer and pay attention to key trends so they can optimize their store to best serve their business and their customers. Explorer research recently conducted a study that found 6 key facts about the convenience store customer…


    1. The demographic is starting to shift from 15-24 year old males to more women shoppers
    2. 84% of customers who stop for gas say store cleanliness is a key factor in deciding if they will enter the store for an additional purchase
    3. 46% of shoppers only purchase one item during their trip
    4. 45% of fuel customers go in-store to purchase a beverage, 35% to buy a snack
    5. 95% of convenience store shopping decisions are made subconsciously
    6. 55% of shoppers visit a c-store for a top-up mission, 11% for a meal prep and 17% for to-go food


    Convenience is key for these customers. According to NACS, 93% of consumers say a convenience store is within 10 minutes of their home, and 86% of consumers in rural areas say the same. This is a convenience factor that encourages them to shop at c-stores.


    Since convenience store customers are typically focused on getting in and out quickly, it is important to make sure your store layout flows well, the store is properly staffed, and you have fast, reliable payment processing to make the checkout experience quick and easy. With the majority of customers spending under 4 minutes in-store, having your inventory laid out in a clear way is essential to promote sales. Making the checkout process quick and avoiding a long line forming also promotes a positive experience for customers and may make it more likely for them to return.


    It is essential for store owners to keep up with the latest consumer trends and behavior. Factoring these key facts in allows owners to make changes that can boost sales, customer loyalty, and provide an overall more positive experience for their customers. With new information out every day, be sure stay in the loop and get the latest data from sites like NACS and Convenience Store News.


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