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    C-Stores + Grocers: Preparing for the Memorial Day Rush

    NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) predicts 37.1 million Americans will go on a road trip for Memorial Day, up 6% from last year. With more travelers on the road, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other specialty retailers should expect increased foot traffic during the holiday weekend.  


    More people on the road can bring increased traffic in-store and at the pump for convenience store owners. The most popular road trip snacks are potato chips, hummus, rice cakes, sunflower seeds, and rice cakes and a few common road trip drinks are coffee, energy drinks, water, and soda. Promoting these products and making them easily accessible in your store can help customers find them easily.  


    Convenience stores are not the only retailers who will see benefits from the holiday weekend. Grocery store owners can expect travelers to stock up on cooking supplies, paper goods, home essentials, etc. and locals to stock up on their cookout needs. With 3 out of 4 Americans planning to celebrate Memorial Day, the demand for popular items could be high. The most popular Memorial Day grocery items are meat (85%), produce (67%), and deli items/prepared food (33%).  Additionally 92% of shoppers plan to shop in-store instead of online. This could mean longer checkout lines and a busier overall store atmosphere, so it is important to ensure you are properly stocked, staffed, and ready to go.  


    The holiday weekend always brings in more customers, and this year is predicted to be the 3rd busiest Memorial Day weekend since 2000. Retailers should be prepared for an influx of customers. A few ways to prepare for the rush are...

    1. Make sure you are properly staffed for the weekend
    2. Check your inventory to ensure you have enough on the floor
    3. Move any holiday themed items to the front of your store to allow customers to easily find them

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