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    Do You Know Your Customers?

    Store owners need to know their customers. Customer behavior provides insight that allows business owners to make changes to improve their customers’ experiences. A recent NACS report dives into convenience customer behavior and identifies these 3 shopper types…


    Type 1: Experience-Driven Loyalists

    22% of shoppers


    Type 2: Time Optimizers

    49% of shoppers


    Type 3: Value Seekers

    29% of shoppers


    Each of these 3 shopper types have different preferences and behave differently.


    Time optimizers make up the largest percentage of shoppers. This result supports the fact that convenience is key for customers. Learn more about catering to customers who prioritize convenience.


    Experience-Driven Loyalists are the pickiest of the three, but they can also be your most loyal customers. These customers will likely refer a lot of people to your store and provide repeat sales for your business, since returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, according to Business. Ensuring that your store is clean, well-lit, and stocks quality product will attract this type of customer. Learn more about the impact store cleanliness has on customers.


    Value Seekers are exactly how they sound, they seek out the best value above all else. Convenience is not a priority for these customers. According to the report, they are most likely to make multiple shopping trips to various stores in search of the best price. Cater to these customers by making sure your prices are competitive and offer special promotions when you can.


    Read the full NACS report