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    What Retailers Can Expect This Fourth of July

    The 4th of July brings convenience stores more road trip customers, grocers more customers looking for supplies for their cookout, and other specialty retailers more people looking for 4th of July themed goods. According to a recent report from the Vacationer, 219 million American adults say they intend to travel this summer, with an increased intention to travel for the 4th of July.


    According to the report, over 60% of Americans intend to travel for the 4th of July. This put more Americans on the road and making stops in convenience stores along the way for fuel and road trip snacks. To encourage fuel customers to come in-store, make sure your store exterior is clean and well-lit. Owners should also stock up on popular road trip snacks to prepare, learn a few of the most common road trip snacks.


    Grocery stores, bodegas, and other specialty retailers could also see an influx of customers. According to Winsight, over 60% of those surveyed plan to grill or barbecue for the holiday. For those planning a barbecue, they are looking for budget-friendly items to try save some money. The report found “more than three in five (62%) said they will look to buy items on sale, with 36% saying they'll look to use coupons to save and 31% saying they'll search for deals online.” Budget friendly items seem to be a top concern this year due to the impacts of inflation. Some of the most common 4th of July foods are…

    • Barbecue
    • Hot dogs
    • Solo cups
    • Corn on the cob
    • Lemonade
    • S’mores
    • Any and everything red, white, and blue


    How to Prepare Your Store for the 4th of July:

    1. Ensure you are properly staffed

    Making sure you have staff members to accommodate more customers is essential.

    1. Run a holiday promotional sale

    Consider offering a one-day sale on special 4th of July items.

    1. Create holiday themed table displays at the front of the store

    Draw customers in with your themed goodies as they walk in to your store.

    1. Stock up on themed goods (i.e. baked goods, hats, shirts, towels, beverages, etc.)

    Customers love holiday themed items and these are often impulse purchases!


    The upcoming holiday is sure to be a busy one and it is best to start prepare your store for the rush now. Preparing in advance takes some of the stress of busy store owners and allows retailers to have their stores ready to go for the summer holiday.


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