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    Do Customers Prefer the In-Store Experience?

    Grocery stores, convenience stores, and bodegas are often frequented by in-store shoppers over an online environment, even with more consumers shopping online in other categories. A recent Grocery Store Dive article broke down in-store shopping statistics by generation and found that...



    Although the preference for online shopping skyrocketed during the pandemic, it looks like more people are starting to prefer the in-store experience over online. A big reason that consumers prefer in-store is for discounts, ease of coupon use, and ease of finding items. With more people shifting back towards in-store shopping, a few ways to improve the store experience are…

    • Optimize your store layout so that products can easily be found
    • Have the latest payment technology that allows a speedy checkout experience
    • Ensure you are properly staffed so that lines move quickly
    • Order proper amounts of inventory
    • Feature seasonal products on display at the front of the store
    • Offer in-store specials and promotions


    While these are just a few examples of ways you can optimize your store, you can learn more on our blog.


    Shoppers prioritizing the in-store experience can be great for your business. With more impulse purchases occurring in-store and customers tending to spend more, drawing in and keeping in-store shoppers can be a great way to boost revenue. When you make small changes to the in-store experience, you may see big results!