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    The C-Store Matters On Valentine's Day Too

    54.8% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every February customers spend money on candy, flowers, and other holiday related products. With total spending expected to reach $18.2 billion, it is important to make sure your store is stocked and ready for Valentine's Day.

    Preparing for Profits

    “According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, retail outlets and foodservice establishments benefit from Valentine’s Day as it is becoming a high-spending holiday”. In 2015, the average consumer spent $146.84 on holiday items. With the potential for huge profits, the first step in preparing your c-store is making sure that customers are aware. Let customers know that holiday items will be available in your c-store by invest in outside advertising or temporary signs for different products and promotions. If you are offering any sales make sure that they are clearly presented when the customer walks into the store. It is okay to re-arrange your store temporarily to showcase the products you are pushing on that specific day. This will help sell to impulsive customers or shoppers that are on the lookout for Valentine's specific items.

    Candy for Every Customer

    With $1.7 billion expected to be spent on candy make sure your store is stocked with every flavor and size. Having a large variety available will make it hard for shoppers to choose just one item resulting in higher sales. You can also encourage the buying of more than one candy product by having discounts for holiday-themed candies.  65 percent of shoppers believe holiday candy should feature seasonal packaging and colors, such as red and pink for Valentine's Day, so packaging that sticks with this holiday theme will catch their eye. Along with candy, consider offering themed treats such as:

    • heart shaped cupcakes
    • pink or red cake snacks
    • red velvet donuts
    • cookies with red or pink icing and sprinkles
    • raspberry or different sweet flavors of coffee creamer

    These products will appeal to the customers celebrating the holiday and will continue to sell once Valentine's day has passed to shoppers who enjoy stocking up on these themed items after the holidays have ended.

    Beverages, Treats, and Extras

    Go beyond candy and consider offering different gift and holiday options. The most popular items in 2015 were cards, flowers, jewelry, clothing and food. Take advantage of this by offering some of these seasonal products in your store. If you do not want to stock products that are strictly holiday related, consider selling prepaid and gift cards. Many last minute shoppers will be tempted to purchase prepaid cards as gifts for their significant others.These are also a great option because they can be sold all year long, and not just on Valentine's day.

    You should also make sure that you are stocking the right beverages. Many customers will be coming in to purchase alcoholic drinks to celebrate this romantic holiday. When choosing which alcoholic beverages to stock, focus on offering different types of wine. Although the most popular wine on Valentine's day is a red blend, Rosé and Riesling flavors are also very popular choices.

    Lastly, if your store has any extras such as fresh food, an outside car wash, or customer Wi-Fi, consider having holiday specific promotions for these services. This could be a great way to introduce new customers to your c-store extras and potentially gain repeat customers that are impressed by how much you have to offer.

    Get your customers in the holiday spirit by providing the best options in your c-store with low and competitive prices on the best holiday themed products.