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    Convenience Store Beverages That Will Be Hot Sellers in 2023

    Since convenience store packaged beverage sales grew by over 12% in 2022, it is important for store owners to keep up with key trends for 2023 to continue sales growth this year. A recent Convenience Store News article noted the key trends for retailers to pay attention to this year to ensure their beverage sales are successful. 


    This year, more consumers are focused on seeking out clean ingredients more than ever. This is really impacting their purchasing decisions, and many are avoiding products with artificial flavors and ingredients. The convenience store news article said, “the market is expected to see an emphasis on clean ingredient statements,” further supporting the consumer health trend.  


    An easy way to avoid artificial ingredients is by sourcing products that use real fruit and vegetables. Thankfully, “tropical and tangy flavors are expected to lead beverage development in 2023,” so sourcing these fruity beverages may be less difficult.  


    With 9.67M Americans following a vegetarian diet and over 1M of those being vegan, catering to your plant-based customers is becoming more vital for your business. The trend article found that “juices and energy drinks popular with millennial and Gen Z customers have incorporated natural [plant-based ingredients].” This is also a trend that could extend into foodservice and food inventory as well.  


    Not only is the packaged beverage category growing for store owners, so is the hot dispensed beverage category, cold dispensed beverage category, and the frozen dispensed beverage category. Up by 18.1%, 12.0%, and 21.6% respectively, according to Convenience Store News. Keep these trends in mind for these store categories too to continue the growth.  


    It is easy to see how the trend of more consumers focusing on their health this year is impacting so many other trends, like beverage trends, foodservice trends, snacking trends, and more.  


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