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    4 Ways C-stores, Grocers, Specialty Retailers Gear Up for Christmas

    C-stores, grocers, and specialty retailers should gear up for Christmas. The holiday season is certain to be a busy one. 47% of Americans plan to travel this season, according to travel leisure and consumers plan to spend $832.84 on average for holiday items like food and décor and gifts, according to NACS.


    Here are 4 ways c-stores, grocers and specialty retailers can prepare their retail stores for the holidays…


    1.  Offer seasonal items

    Consumers love seasonal themed offerings. According to Datassential, 44% of customers associate special flavors or dishes that they look forward to with Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza. Be prepared by stocking all of your best-selling holiday goodies. These could include eggnog, various baked goods, Christmas decorations, gingerbread kits, candy canes, etc.!

    2.  Check your price point

    Due to the nature of the economy consumers are looking for the best bargains and deals. 66% of consumers are aiming to spend less this holiday season due to inflation. While it may be difficult to offer discounts on your products, the more flexibility you offer customers this season the more likely these consumers will become loyal customers, according to supermarket news. Be sure to feature and promote store brand items as well, since 60% of consumers will trade in their brand name items for store brand if the price is lower.

    3.  Expect shopping earlier this season

    Shoppers are starting sooner rather than later this year in hopes of getting the best deals and knocking out their holiday shopping early to eliminate stress. 60% of retailers surveyed said that they will be starting their holiday promotions 1-2 weeks earlier than last year, according to supermarket news.

    4.  Prepare your store

    Ensure your store is prepared to handle the influx of consumers by having enough staff, inventory, and showcasing festive displays. In-store spending is expected to increase to 35% this year, up from 33% in 2021, so retailers should be prepared to experience more in-store traffic compared to the last 2 years.


    In addition to these 4 things, you can also get involved in your community this season. Read this goEBT blog and learn a few easy ways you can give back this year.



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