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    SNAP Retailer Tips: Seasonal Produce and SNAP-Ed

    SNAP retailers can benefit from knowing what produce is in season. SNAP-Ed emphasizes the added benefits of buying seasonal produce and provides this resource for what produce is in season now.


    Advertising the value of choosing seasonal produce to your customers is important for many reasons, but here are 3 main benefits of seasonal produce according to St. Joe’s Farm...


    1.  Budget friendly

    Seasonal produce is cheaper due to the abundance of crop during peak season, which makes seasonal produce a great add to budget friendly grocery lists. The holidays can be very expensive and make it more difficult to budget for groceries for many families, especially SNAP families who operate on very strict budgets.

    2.  Better quality

    Since different kinds of crops require different conditions to thrive, produce that is in peak season will most certainly be fresher and better quality. It is even said that seasonal produce tastes better!

    3.  Balanced plates

    Seasonal produce is a great way to advertise eating a variety of colors and food groups. You can also have some fun marketing seasonal produce since fall brings items like squash and pumpkin, you can advertise tasty fall meals that are festive and fun.


    Produce items that are currently is peak season right now are asparagus, apricots, peas, and rhubarb. Fall and winter seasonal produce items include…



    Each season brings a variety of yummy produce options with it, which allows for some amazing healthy meal options you encourage your customers to make. This is especially true during the holiday season, which is a time in which many families look for budget friendly meal options. SNAP-Ed provides a variety of menu options for different holidays, many of which feature produce that is in season, that you can view here. By advertising various seasonal produce meal options this season, you can allow your store to be the one stop shop for budget friendly holiday meals.

    Learn ways to prepare your store for the holidays