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    Become a SNAP Retailer and Fight Hunger this Holiday Season

    SNAP retailers are always a vital resource for SNAP recipients, but they are especially important during the holiday season. More than 34 million people, including 9 million children, are food insecure during the United States, according to the USDA. With the holiday season revolving largely around gathering with friends and family to enjoy a meal, it is difficult for food insecure families to budget for holiday meals, presents, etc.


    Here are 4 ways you can help this holiday season…

    1.  Become a SNAP retailer

    Hunger exists in your community not just during the holidays, but every day. Grocers, c-stores, bodegas, QSRs, and specialty retailers can join the fight against hunger by becoming a SNAP retailer. SNAP retailers provide access to vital resources, like nutritious foods to SNAP recipients. By becoming a SNAP retailer, you take a step towards ending hunger in your community. Not sure if you qualify? Take goEBT’s free SNAP retailer quiz.

    2.  Volunteer at your local food bank

    Your local food bank is always in need of volunteers, but demand often increases during the holidays which means your local food banks need more volunteers. You can learn more about volunteering opportunities on Feeding America’s website.

    3.  Run a food drive, toy drive, or fundraiser at your business

    Another way you can support people in your community during the holiday season is by running a food drive, toy drive, or fundraiser at your business. For the food drive, reach out to your local food bank or food pantry and see what their requirements are for donation. Then, you can collect these items at your store and turn them in once you’ve collected all the donations. You could also run a toy drive this holiday season. You can collect new toys, clothing items, and more just connect with a local organization to see what their needs are for toy/clothing drives this Christmas. Finally, you can always run a fundraiser for one of your local charities that helps those in need during the holiday season.

    4.  Donate holiday meals to your local food pantry

    Retailers like grocers, bodegas, c-stores, and other retailers that sell fresh food could put together holiday meal boxes and donate them to your local food pantry. You can also volunteer to help pass these out to families in your community.


    Curious about becoming a SNAP retailer? View goEBT’s free EBT resources.