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    Applying to Accept SNAP: The FNS SNAP Application Process Explained

    Are you a store owner looking for a quick snapshot of the retailer application for SNAP? Our free EBT resources are exactly what you need if you are interested in applying to accept SNAP! Before you get started on the application take our SNAP retailer quiz to see if you qualify.

    Are you questioning whether or not you should invest the time to become a SNAP retailer? We can help you with that, too. By accepting SNAP in your store, you will receive a number of benefits, including…

    • Access to new revenue streams by adding EBT as a payment type
    • Attract more customers to your business by accepting diverse payment types
    • Join the fight against hunger by increasing access to nutritious foods for your community


    So, if you’re ready to join the fight against hunger by becoming a SNAP retailer, here are the simple steps you need to follow.

    STEP 1 Check to see if your store is eligible

    This is the first step to get started with the SNAP application. In order to be eligible to accept SNAP, your store must meet certain stocking requirements. Your store must meet staple food inventory requirements or staple food sales requirements. If you still are unsure about whether you qualify, take our SNAP retailer quiz.


    Note that there are instances in which FNS will consider your store for authorization even if you do not meet the stocking requirements:


    STEP 2 Get Ready to Start Your Application

    Register for a USDA eAuthentication account and make sure you follow the steps to activate your account. Then, make sure you have the following information handy:

    • Name, Address, and Social Security Number (for all business owners)
    • Estimated/Actual Sales
    • Product Details – categories, stocking information, etc.
    • Banking Information
    • EBT Processor Information

    STEP 3 Sign in and Monitor Application Status

    Sign into your account to complete and finalize your application! You have 30 days to complete your application from the time you sign up, but you can save your application and come back later to complete it any time within these 30 days. If you fail to complete your application, then it will be deleted so be sure to monitor your application status!


    STEP 4 Get Set Up with an EBT Payment Processor Once Approved

    Once you’re approved, you can get set up with unlimited EBT from goEBT!


    Becoming a SNAP authorized retailer not only increases your business but also allows you to become a pillar in your community. Your store will become the go to place for SNAP recipients and you will become a crucial part of the fight against hunger.


    Learn more about the official SNAP Retailer Application here