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    School's Almost Out: Time to Add New Products

    C-store sales often get a summertime boost due to thirsty out-of-school kids. Take advantage of the 4.5% increase in sales by choosing items specifically for warmer months. Picking the right products and learning how to market towards children can make a huge splash in your Summer profits.

    Selling Summer Products

    When picking the products you want to stock for the Summer it is important to think about the items that children want. Many kids will be frequenting c-stores in order to grab their favorite summer drinks and snacks and you need to be making the most profits by marketing directly to them. There are a few different ways that you can make products enticing to kids:

    Make It Irresistible; when children come into your store go out of your way to make it a special experience for them. Have large displays promoting the newest items and try to pair together a beverage and snack options. This is an easy way to upsell during the summer months along with picking products that have kid-related cartoons or colors. You can also position these items in the front of the store so when parents come in for their items, kids are likely to ask for these products as well.

    Getting Started Online“nearly six out of 10 parents of so-called 'tweeners' — children aged 8 to 12 — have purchased cell phones for their kids." This makes using online opportunities a great option for advertising seasonal products or finding our the newest product trends. You can also learn about the products that children want and make sure they are choosing your c-store to get them. You should also consider offering mobile coupons or promotions exclusively for your store. You can do this through an app or on different social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Familiarizing yourself with these online platforms is a great way to start incorporating newer technology in your c-store.

    Attracting Attention; in order to sell your products, you need to be able to draw in the right customers. Creating special events for Summer or holidays like Memorial Day or Fourth of July will help bring in buyers who are looking for their favorite Summer indulgences. Make sure you are advertising your events, new seasonal products, and specials with proper signage outside so that customers know what is going on inside.

    Winning Over Parents

    Parents are often likely to choose items for their kids based on price, ingredients, or convenience. If there is a product on sale or that is sold at a regularly low price, then parents are more likely to reach for those items. With the recent wave of healthier items, parents may also be looking at ingredients. Products labeled with 'real ingredients', 'organic', or 'fresh', are tempting to parents who are more health conscious. Convenience also plays a role in what items are chosen. Parents who are are running in to get a quick drink or snack for their children will grab something that is easy to find. Having products located at the front of the store or near the register will be chosen over items in the back of the store.

    Choosing which products to stock for the summer can be fun. Fill your c-store wth bright colors, the newest flavors, and what is trending online, and your business is likely to profit from kids who are out-of-school and ready to have fun in the sun this summer.

    Items to Consider

    • Beverages

    Capri Sun Sport Kids' Beverages in New Fruity Flavors

    Mountain Dew Kickstart with Real Fruit Juice

    Roar Marvel Comics Kids Beverages Featuring the Avengers and Spiderman

    Gatorade Flow is a Full Flavored Line with a Smooth Finish

    • Candy and Snacks

    Hershey's Summer Inspired Candy Collection

    Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot Cheese Flavored Snacks

    Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips Covered in Chili and Lime