Packaging Matters: What Makes C-Store Customers Buy?

Many of the best convenience stores are filled with products of all kinds.  These different products often come from several brands and in an assortment of varieties.  For the c-store shopper, choosing the right product can be a challenge when standing among all their options.  Because many convenience customers are often in a hurry, the packaging of their food and drink items is an important factor in their product choices.  As always, the industry is relying on packaging trends to give consumers the c-store experiences they want and help them find the right products.

Small is Big

Today’s consumers are fans of small-sized packaging.  Formats include single-serve packaging, multi-packs of individual portions, and resealable packaging.  These smaller packages are also a win for store owners with less square footage to spare.

With Craft Beer, Design Matters

Craft beer sales in the U.S. reached nearly $5.8 billion in the year ending January 28, 2017.  These craft beer buyers report that packaging has a large influence on the brands they choose.  71% of craft beer customers say they look for brands with bold and interesting packaging.

Clear and Concise

Consumers prefer transparency when it comes to the companies they purchase goods and services from.  It’s no wonder that packaging they can see the product through and less clutter in package copy are both a big hit with c-store shoppers and help them make decisions.


C-store shoppers obviously appreciate convenience. Consumers are looking for packaging with the following features:

  • Easy opening
  • Portability and mobile-optimized
  • Light weight
  • No-mess dispensing
  • Resealability

Consumers perceive packaging that are geared toward convenience as a benefit to buying those products and therefore are more likely to purchase.

Environmentally Friendly

Recent years have shown that consumers are much more critical of waste and value more sustainable packaging.  Reports are finding that consumers are using eco-friendly attributes as a deciding factor in the products they grab, even at the c-store.

As a c-store owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you’re stocking the products your customers want and that they can find them easily.  As store owners continue to purchase the products with packaging that cause consumers to purchase, manufacturers will continue evolve their packaging with demand.  Be sure to monitor consumer buying patterns and optimize your shelves to place attractive packaging within their eyelines when they come into your store.

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