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    How My Store Can Help The Environment

     As the years go on, it is more important than ever to help the environment in any way possible. There are thousands, if not millions, of organizations that dedicate years into building a greener society for everyone. This greener society is to be pro-environment and produce as little waste as possible. With that being said, you may believe as a store owner you are only one person, and you cannot do much to make a difference.

    At times, we all feel that alone we cannot better our community. As store owners, you have more influence than you may have initially thought. There are a number of easy ways you can change society one step at a time. 

    Reusable Bags 

     In some countries, customers have to purchase grocery bags in effort to reduce their waste. Even though the United States does not require this, you can encourage your customers to bring their own reusable bags when shopping at your establishment. Some customers will love the idea and gladly help out. If you want to go the extra mile, you could always provide an incentive for customers to bring their own bags. This incentive could be small for it is the thought that counts. You could offer a small discount, a free product, such as a bottle of water, or other things that can motivate your customers. 

    Save Electricity

    Electricity can also create a big difference, and not to mention save you money! Be smart about how the power is used in your store. You do not need to work in the dark, but there are a few simple tricks to help the environment. When rooms are empty, have the lights switched off. Restrooms and storage rooms are at times not in use. When these rooms are not being used, keep the lights off. The same can go for electronics. If there is a machine that is not being used, then turn it off or even unplug the system. A big way to help is to turn off the heater or air condition when not needed. All these activities will help society but will also save you money. If these actions are not possible, turning off unnecessary things when closed will be the difference.  

    Save Water

    Minimizing the use of water is another neat way to also save you money. Use water as needed but leaky faucets are a major issue. Many people do not even care about a leaky faucet, however every drop of water counts. Leaky faucets can waste up to 100 gallons of water a day. Leaking just one drop per second wastes over 1,300 gallons per year. It starts off small but really adds up. Another idea leans towards renovations. If you are in the market to replace your old water heater, looking into a tank-less system will be good for the environment and your business. 

    Other Easy Ways 

    There are many methods to help the environment. Additional ways include: 

    • Not printing receipts. 
      • Ask customers if they would like their receipt. If they do not, then there is no need to print one for them, therefore saving paper. 
    • Recycle accordingly. 
      • Anything that needs to be thrown out should be double checked. Perhaps you could reuse items you were planning to throw into the garbage. 
      • If you do need to rid your stores of items, look into recycling them. 
    • Plant trees around your store.
      • Surrounding your store with trees and plants is a great way to contribute to the environment. 
      • Plus customers will love the new look!

    One person can make a difference. A store owner can do multiple things to help the environment and create a greener society for the future. Making these changes does not have to happen overnight. Starting little by little, will lead the way in improving life for everyone. 

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    Source: Entrepreneur