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    3 Ways Independent Retailers Can Support SNAP Customers

    Independent grocers, c-stores, and other specialty retailers are prime pieces in the puzzle of fighting hunger. These retailers are key community pillars that economically support many in their community, especially people like SNAP recipients.

    When retailers support these customers, especially during the holidays, they can see benefits and increased sales. Holiday cheer can mean profit is near for your business, so be sure to support SNAP customers in these 3 ways this holiday season…


    1.  Become a SNAP retailer

    If you are not already accepting EBT, you could be missing out. For one, becoming a SNAP retailer improves access to healthy, nutritious foods and necessities for SNAP recipients in your community. For two, EBT is another stream of revenue to add to your business. When you become a SNAP retailer you benefit your community by joining the fight against hunger and you benefit your business by adding a new revenue stream. Get started now with goEBT’s free EBT resources. 

    2.  Get started with EBT cash benefits

    While you wait to be approved as a SNAP retailer, you can get started with EBT cash benefits. EBT cash benefits are cash benefits for SNAP recipients that can be used to pay for things like childcare, housing, transportation, and more. These benefits are accessed with an EBT cash benefits card that allows recipients to withdraw cash at checkout or from an ATM. Learn more about EBT cash benefits on goEBT’s EBT cash benefits webpage.


    3.  Promote that you accept EBT at your business

    If you are already a SNAP retailer, be sure to let members of your community know. We recommend goEBT’s EBT signage that you can place by the street in front of your store, on your store window, at your checkout counter, and more. Attract more customers, especially SNAP recipients by letting them know that you accept EBT at your business. View all signage options on goEBT’s shop.


    Ultimately, there are a variety of ways to support customers this holiday season. Check out more ways to support your customers and gear up for the busy time this season brings in this recent blog from goEBT.


    Curious about becoming a SNAP retailer? View goEBT’s free EBT resources to learn more.