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    Are You Considering a Small Business Loan for Your C-Store?

    Being a business owner is difficult. Being a business owner without the proper capital is even harder.  Whether you want to add a deli, upgrade your coolers, or even just improve your bathrooms you need money to make it happen.  Even if your convenience or small grocery store is successful, finding the extra funds to invest back into your store without taking a loss isn’t easy.  Luckily, organizations like IOU financial are making small business loans available for just this reason.  Now, c-store owners like yourself can gain access to special small business loans that could help them make the improvements needed to boost their profits.

    IOU Isn’t a Bank

    IOU financial does things differently than the traditional bank that most are used to.  IOU has made lending easier and faster by committing to a 100% paperless process.  This new digital alternative makes it possible for business owners to get approved for a loan in 24 hours and receive their funds right away. IOU also values cash flow as much as credit, which means they’ve made it much easier for merchants with minimal resources to gain access to the funding they need.  Plus, their daily deposit payments make it easy for business owners to repay their loans without overstretching their budget.

    Merchants Are Already Seeing the Benefits

    Merchants who have taken advantage of IOU Financial’s lending are pleased.  After poor experiences with banks and credit unions, the simple and honest practices of IOU Financial have been refreshing for many small business owners.  Those who have received IOU Financial loans share stories of 6 month long waits for approval only to be denied and deceiving loan terms.  Now, these business owners are enjoying IOU’s “responsible lending, from start to finish”.  With an average of $9,000 in savings and an 85% pre-approval rate, IOU Financial has become the answer to business success for many merchants.

    Interested in Your Own Small Business Loan?

    We’ve started a partnership with IOU Financial so that our goEBT merchants can gain access to small business loans up to $300,000.  Getting your loan is just a few clicks away.  Need more information first:     Visit Our Page

     Ready to talk with the IOU financial team?  Visit their site.