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    How to Make Your Baked Goods Inventory Stand Out

    Bakery items can often get lost in convenience stores, grocery stores, and bodegas. This could lead to food loss due to not selling your fresh baked bread, bagels, and more as well as lost sales. Here are 4 ways to make your baked goods stand out, attract more sales, and generally improve your bakery inventory…

    1.  Vibrant Colors

    According to FMCG Gurus’ Flavor, Color, & Texture Trends report, 56% of consumers say they like food to have bright and intense colors. Coming up with a way to make baked goods vibrant and colorful may worry business owners who are catering their inventory to the increased trend of consumers being focused on their health.  However, vibrant colors in baked goods can actually be achieved with a natural colors over artificial colors, and “the majority of newer brand launches now tend to be formulated with natural colors,” according to a recent NACS article.

    2.  Seasonal Fun

    You may ask yourself, “do people really buy seasonal themed baked goods?” To which the answer is yes, they do! People are often hosting guests during a variety of seasonal holidays and events like the Super Bowl, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Consider offering seasonal themed muffins, cakes, breads, bagels, cookies, and other baked goods.

    3.  Discount

    You can decrease your food waste by discounting your day-old baked goods. One way to do this is to sell day-old bakery items for $1, offering breads past the sell by date for 50-75% off, or whatever discount model works best for your store and you may be surprised at how many you can sell! Another option is to donate leftover items to a local food bank to help those in your community who don’t have access to fresh foods.

    4.  Advertise

    Make sure to draw attention to your bakery section by…

    • Creating inviting table displays
    • Placing seasonal baked goods on front and center tables near your front door
    • Advertising your promotions in a weekly ad
    • Placing signs on your baked goods displays and tables with pricing and information
    • If you’re a SNAP retailer, consider creating a sign with a list of bakery items that qualify for EBT or even placing stickers on these items that let customers know they can purchase them with their EBT card


    Interested in learning how to accept EBT payments at your business? Learn more with this goEBT resource