New Technology Makes for a Great C-Store Update

With companies like Amazon taking over convenience in the retail industry, it’s hard for retailers to imagine new ways to compete and stay relevant with customers. Online shopping and mobile devices have changed the way new generations of customers shop and do business. So the question remains, how can convenience stores keep their title in offering convenient and reliable customer service?

It may not be as difficult as you think! Here we list just some of the leading technology companies making a difference for convenience stores today.

Package Delivery and Pick Up

The days where convenience stores are just for food and fuel have come to an end. It’s just not feasible to depend on those alone and expect to pull new customers into your business. So how do can you expand your services to bring in more people?

One easy way would be to make your convenience store a pick up and drop off location for your customers’ packages. More and more convenience stores are adding Amazon Lockers and a USPS Goposts for their customers. Now, there’s an even easier to way to turn your c-store into a safe location for your customers to have their packages delivered.  Try PUDO.

With PUDO, all you need is a dedicated secured space inside your c-store to keep customer packages until they are picked up and the provided PUDO tablet and scanner.  What’s even better, with PUDO, you can make $1 on every package drop off or pick up in your store.

Custom-made Kiosks

Today’s convenience is all about speed and easy use. People are always on the go, and they’re not interested in waiting in line for even just a few minutes. That’s why a self-service kiosk meets your customers’ needs and encourages continued business.

DVD kiosks like Redbox are becoming common, but they only scratch the service of what self-service kiosks can do for your business. Why not expand your store’s potential and serve your customers with custom self-serve kiosks make by Kiosk and Zivelo? They’re great and can be specially designed for nearly anything, including: delis, ready-made food, coffee, and pay-at-the-pump services.

GasBuddy Makes the Way for Convenience Store Apps

As everyone knows, mobile consumerism is taking over the market. But why fight a losing battle when you can embrace it? GasBuddy is a Boston-based technology company that specializes in convenience store apps. Specifically, their mobile apps are known for helping consumers find cheap fuel while on the road.

Pilot Flying J even partnered with GasBuddy to create a personalized app that helps their customers figure wait times at each of their pumps. It’s fast and lets customers plan on the go before they even reach your store.

Siris Services Offers Pay-at-the-Pump for Fresh Store Food

And lastly, cut down wait times immensely for your customers by giving them the option to pay for food and gas at the pump. Siris Services provides a tablet-based platform and app that integrates with your pump system for in-store food ordering. With this latest innovation, customers can pay for everything at the pump and will simply walk in to pick up their deli, pizza, coffee, or whatever else that they ordered.

There’s absolutely no wait time behind the cash registers with this nifty piece of tech. The platform and app are seamless with your POS system and encourage greater revenue gains from on-the-go food services.

Upgrades for your convenience store start here. But by no means does it end here. Check out some of our other articles about other tech upgrades hitting the market and the companies behind them. And finally, take the lead, make the investment, and bring the “convenience” back to your convenience stores.

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