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    4 Ways Retailers Can Prepare for Labor Day Weekend

    Retailers, especially grocers and c-stores, can experience a major rush during this holiday weekend as people prepare for cookouts and road trips.

    53% of Americans are expected to be traveling this Labor Day Weekend, with approximately 36% expected to travel primarily by car, so c-stores should plan to expect a bump in business. With the holiday quickly approaching, it is important to ensure that your store is prepared for the rush. If Labor Day snuck up on you this year, don’t stress there are still a few last-minute ways to get prepared and personalize your store to cater to your customers’ holiday weekend needs.


    1.  Fresh inventory

    Make sure that you put out your latest inventory and that your produce and perishable goods are fresh. Customers are willing to pay more for fresh foods, so make sure your produce is as fresh as possible by doing a visual check. Aside from ensuring your produce is fresh, you need to ensure that you have enough general inventory to keep your store stocked throughout the weekend to avoid empty or understocked shelves.

    2.  Run a sale or promotion

    Labor Day weekend is a huge weekend for shopping, make sure your store stands out by running a unique sale or promotion. Make a last-minute flyer with an easy design tool, like Canva, and place it on your storefront to attract more customers.

    3.  Make sure you are properly staffed

    Don’t underestimate how busy you are going to be, make sure you are properly staffed for the weekend. Having proper staff ensures your shelves stay stocked and that there are plenty of available clerks to help customers check-out quickly and avoid long wait times.

    4.  Reorder displays

    Place your most relevant inventory towards the front of your store, for Labor Day this could include cookout supplies, any Labor Day themed baked goods, grab and go hosting platters, and even items like sunscreen, towels, etc.


    Although the Summer Rush may be coming to a close, Labor Day weekend and other holidays are right around the corner! Even though Labor Day is about a week out, you still have time to prepare your grocery store or c-store for the rush. Simply make sure you have proper inventory, make a quick promotional flyer and run a sale to stand out, double check your schedule for the weekend to make sure your store will be properly staffed, and make sure you cater your displays for the holiday weekend needs and you are ready to face the rush!