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    SNAP Recipients | Know Your SNAP Customers

    SNAP recipients come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. While we may think we know who uses SNAP, the reality is SNAP recipients are far more diverse than most people realize, and can include your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, etc. SNAP users are more varied and a lot closer to home than you think, in fact...

    1 in 8 people in the United States are SNAP participants.

    SNAP recipients are not only diverse demographically, but geographically as well.

    Overall, there are nearly 40M SNAP recipients on average each month, this translates to tens of thousands of SNAP recipients on average each month in every single US state. The top state is California with a monthly average of 4,312,002, with the lowest average monthly participants being 22,520 in Wyoming.

    SNAP impacts so many people across the country, in your state, and even in your city/town. If you are ready to take advantage of the SNAP program in your store, you can learn how to join the fight against hunger with goEBT's free step-by-step EBT guide for becoming a SNAP retailer. 

    Learn more about SNAP users from the U.S. Census Bureau.