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    Product Spotlight: Sparkling Water

    Consumers continue to want a healthier, greener, and more organic lifestyle, so their switching up everything from their cars to the water they drink. Consumers still enjoy the bubbly fizz soda offers, but desire the health benefits of water. That’s why we’ve seen a spike in sales for sparkling water. Over the last five years, the sales of sparkling water have grown by 42%. The drink offers the fizz like a soda, but most have little to no added sugar or artificial ingredients that a soda does.

    Euromonitor expects sparkling water sales to reach $3.1 billion by 2022. Here are some of the most popular sparkling water brands.

    1. Pellegrino 

    iStock-543177654Pellegrino sold over one billion bottles the last year. The low calorie drink also comes in fruit flavors. 








    2. Sparkling Ice 

    black_raspberry_newSparkling Ice contains zero calories and zero sugar and comes in a variety of flavors.






    3. La Croix 


     La Croix is an all natural sparkling water that comes in over 20 different flavors .





    4. Sprindrift 

    sprindrift-lineup-e1526571223567 Sprindrift is a newer brand, launching back in 2010. The drink contains two ingredients: fruit juice and water.



    5. Perrier 

    GetImage.ashxPerrier has been around since the last 1800's and has always been a customer favorite. The drink contains no sugar, caffeine, or calories. 





    If you're considering adding sparkling water to your store, start by asking your wholesaler for velocity reports to find out what they are moving. Sales for sparkling water are expected to increase and it's a trend you do not want to miss out on.