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    Product Spotlight: Cold Brew Coffee

    Customers around the nation suffer the same fate of waking up and being low on energy. Whether it’s sleeping late or not being able to sleep at all, the problem is consistent and not going away. 

    Some are blessed, and embrace the sunrise, most people need some assistance for starting the day. In addition, people may need to refuel in the middle of the day. The obvious answer is coffee, but whether it’s cold or hot may not be so obvious. In 2017, sales of cold brew coffee jumped to 38.1 million, from the 8.1 million in sales from 2015. As these numbers continue to grow, sales are expected to reach new heights. 

    Offering cold brew coffee in your store, is a must have. The following are the top cold brew coffee brands your customers are expecting:

    1. Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate: This super smooth coffee will start your day off right with the taste of this New Orleans flavor. When in doubt, this is a good recommendation. 
    2. La Colombe Pure Black Cold Brew Coffee: This selection is steeped for 16 hours in stainless steel wine tanks, then pressed and filtered twice. Despite being on the sweeter side, the taste is unforgettable. 
    3. HeyDay Cold Brew Coffee: This delicious coffee is perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. It is easy to sip and goes along great with sweeteners.
    4.  RISE Brewing Co. Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Organic and free of harsh chemicals and additives… This brand may be one of a kind in what it’s bringing to consumers. 
    5. Lucky Jack Double Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: For those who need an extra kick, this is infused with extra espresso to deliver the double dose of caffeine. It will surely get the job done. 

    Your store already sells coffee. Why not take it to the next level and sell cold brew coffee? Contact YOUR distributor to learn how you can increase your sales and make it easy for the customer to start their morning off right. 


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