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    Preparing Your Business For The Summer Rush

     The first day of Summer is on the horizon, but what have you done to get ready for increased sales? Depending on where you are located summer can either be great for business or not at all. No matter which side you may fall on, you need to be prepared to keep your business profitable or to capitalize on the season. 

    The most important thing in regards to your Summer plan is to simply have one. Make sure you are organized and know what you will be doing to promote your business. The information below can be extremely beneficial this season, but it all depends on whether or not you prepare properly, and prepare yourself now rather than catch up later. 

    - Spring Cleaning Applies to Every Season. Make your store presentable, inside and outside. It is key for businesses located in areas where tourism is high to have a store that welcomes travelers. Each Season has its theme, Fall is leaves changing, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Winter focuses on the holidays, Santa, Snowmen, etc. Each season has its sales advantages so use them in your business. Make your store embody the idea of summer, sunshine, and the Fourth of July. Even if you are not located in a "tropical" climate, you can still continue to make your store presentable and clean for any customers coming by. 

    - Publicize Your Business and Products Anyway You Can. Be on the lookout for community events. Summer is a busy time when many different festivals and social gatherings take place so as an owner do your best to promote your business at these places or sponsor it all together. You want to have an effect on everyone in the community and allow them to be the foot-soldiers who go out and promote your business with other people. You also want to be sure you publicize the right products. Offering deals on hot chocolate in July may not be the best way to increase foot traffic, but maybe a sale of sun-screen would. Also, offer deals or giveaways on goods that you otherwise won't sell in the summer. Reduce waste and give the items that other people may not want a purpose in your business. 

    - Hold Your Own Events in the Community. This is another opportunity for people in high-tourist areas. Most people are there to reach out and experience a new community and area, so add some value to that area. Provide opportunities for people to come out and get together. If you have space do it at your store that way people know where you are and where to come back and spend their vacation funds. With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it's a good idea to get some plans in order so you can take advantage of one of the most celebrated holidays each year. 

    - Give Yourself a Break. Summer break is a great time for people to go out and reset for a little while. Running your own business has its ups and downs, which takes a toll. Be sure to give yourself some time away from that side of life. If you surround your business with a strong support system and great staff, there should be no reason you can not experience a bit of vacation as well. Visit other places and see how others do business as well. It never hurts to add a new perspective to your business which allows flexibility in case of different trends. 

    These are only a few ways you can increase opportunities this summer. It's great to do these things and if it works it's even better, but make sure you can track your success. Develop a way to make it all measurable. If you sell a lot of a certain product than make a record and adapt your strategy to keep those sales coming in. Revisiting what you have done well is key to a business's success. You need to be able to identify what you did right and what you did wrong so your business can continue to get better and grow. 

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