Mobile Payments in the Convenience and Small Grocery Store

You’ve probably found that the way in which people shop, including the way they pay, has evolved a great deal over the last decade.  Likewise, it’s no secret that mobile devices have changed the way we do almost everything in our lives.  You can order food on your phone, change the TV channel with your phone, or even check your heart rate, and so much more!  Now you can even pay in person without so much as the presence of even a credit card, just with a phone.

If you didn’t already know, the convenience store, gas station, and grocery industry is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of these new technologies.  If you haven’t made the transition to payment processing equipment that allows mobile payments in your store, you should definitely consider upgrading soon.  Mobile payments are more than just a fad, and the opportunity to improve your business should not be ignored.

It’s All About Convenience

It’s impossible to argue the fact that introducing mobile payment options in your store would greatly increase the “convenience factor”.  For today’s consumer, the faster they can complete a transaction, the better.  Especially when just grabbing a quick snack or trying to get home from the office.  With mobile payment methods, the average c-store consumer no longer has to count out their money and change, or even pull out a credit card and swipe.  Now your customers can enjoy the ease of simply presenting their phone (which most millennials usually have in hand anyways) at purchase and they’re all set.

Today, there are a number of apps available to consumers for adding credit and debit cards that can be used as mobile payments at locations that accept them.  The latest credit and debit card processing terminals are equipped with the technology to facilitate payments from these apps.  As this technology is becoming the norm, the cost to upgrade is not as great as some believe.

Take Advantage of Better Security

Mobile payment options actually allow business owners to take advantage of the latest in not only more convenient transactions, but transactions that are more secure.  With the apps that facilitate mobile payments, consumers are required to verify their identity in several ways.  Also, mobile payments eliminate the need for a consumer to carry around or physically handle their cards, thus reducing the opportunity for thieves and fraudsters to steal their financial data or identity.  This not only helps store owners like yourself avoid liability costs, but also enhances your customers’ trust in your business.

Don’t Just “Keep Up”, Get Ahead

Mobile payment technology is more than just today’s latest trend, it’s part of the evolution of businesses and the way that consumers interact with them.  Although there are always some late adopters of any new technology, the way we pay for goods and services is definitely going to continue to change.  By taking advantage of the opportunity to stay on the forefront of technology advancement, convenience stores gain an edge in not only their own industry, but others as well.

Companies like WaWa and ExxonMobil are already rolling out their own apps to be used as payment methods at their stores, and even at the pump.  With programs like these, convenience and grocery stores have the opportunity to connect with their customers even further by utilizing loyalty program features, special promotions, and more.

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