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    Merchant Snapshot: Nabeel Ahmed


    Our Merchant Spotlight for the month of January goes to Nabeel Ahmed! This proud goEBT merchant is the owner of S & M Grocery in Griffin, GA.

    With over a decade in business, S & M Grocery is one of the more established small businesses in their area. This convenience store not only offers amazing prices on gasoline, but is also a resource for many other essentials. With over a decade under its belt, it’s no surprise Nabeel has been able to keep the customers coming to S & M. This establishment is the perfect example of a convenience store that is dedicated to serving the consumers nearby by carrying most of the items a member of the community may need. Products kept in stock at S & M Grocery range from ice to fire wood. Nabeel says he feels it is his duty to carry everything the surrounding neighborhood needs and desires.

    Nabeel knows it isn’t enough for customers to love your products, but the owner needs to also care about his business and customers. Nabeel wakes up every day, looking forward to three things above all else:

    • The clientele
    • The customer service
    • The memorable experience

    These are the three things that make the magic happen. Nabeel's focus is on his customers and by providing an excellent customer service, he tries to create a memorable experience. 

    Another important part of S & M Grocery's success has been goEBT. goEBT's EBT processing has allowed his business to prosper by not only accepting an additional form of payment, and therefore make more money, but also by attracting even more customers. 

    With such a successful business, it is only natural to have plans for the future. S & M Grocery is eager to continue the same level of customer service and keep up with the new waves of customers by adding more products and solutions to keep the customers coming back time and time again.

    Nabeel would like to thank the people of Griffin for allowing his store to be a part of their community for all these years. Every citizen has assisted in allowing S & M Grocery in growing to what it is today. 

    Featuring our Merchant of the Month is just one of the many ways goEBT appreciate its partners. Be sure to read our Merchant of December by clicking here