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    Merchant Snapshot: Mital Patel

    Mital Patel is the owner of two different convenience stores in West Virginia.  Since 2015, Mital has been continuously improving his Shop Rite store and in July of 2017, he opened a second location, Corner Shop.  Mital is an enthusiastic business owner who believes that providing customers with a great variety of products and plenty of convenient services is the best way to keep his c-stores thriving.

    Mital’s Shop Rite store is not only filled with all the c-store consumer essentials like snacks and beer, but he also stocks a number of foodservice options.  Shop Rite’s foodservice items include smoothies, milkshakes, hot dogs, corn dogs, frozen sandwiches and Dippin’ Dots. Mital says that because the foot traffic and sales at Shop Rite have continued to rise, he plans to add similar prepared food and dispensed beverage options to his newer Corner Shop location as well.

    Food and other consumer products are just the beginning of convenience for both of Mital’s stores.  He accepts EBT payments, has added Bill Pay, and is signed up for both stores to become PUDO points.  Mital says that he understands how important product and service variety are to driving traffic and increasing basket size.  As his Bill Pay transaction count has continued to increase, so has the number of loyal customers.

    We’re glad to hear that Mital is taking full advantage of all of the additional solutions goEBT has to offer, and we are excited to continue providing products and solutions that will keep both Shop Rite and Corner Shop on the path to long term success.

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