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    Merchant Snapshot: Dollars Plus and More LLC

    While the standard convenience stores and gas stations make up the bulk of our goEBT merchants, we also serve a number2l4PKQy of other types of stores who like to be able to accept EBT as a form of payment.  Plus, many of our convenience and grocery store merchants are finding that by adding other types of products, not just snacks and drinks, they can not only increase their foot traffic, but also increase their sales.  One of the stores that has proven this concept to be true is Dollars Plus and More in Akron, Ohio.  While the store does carry the standard "corner store essentials" like wall to wall packaged beverages and all the candy genres you could imagine, the family-owned business is taking affordable convenience a step farther to offer all of the standard household items at more than reasonable prices.

    Another really important part of the store's success has been the owning family's dedication to not only the store's success, but also the impact that the store has on the community it is in.  Husband and wife, Shatanie and Keith Brewer, are both committed to seeing their vision come to life, and with the help of their son, the store is doing great so far.

    image2 2Since opening the store almost a year and a half ago, the Brewer family has already gained many repeat customers who come in to make a purchase nearly every day.  Shatanie shared that one of their main strategies for keeping customers satisfied is to make sure they are paying attention to the items customers by the most and the ones they may come in asking for often, so that they can always keep them in stock.  She also shared that because staple foods and snacks are in such high demand, she could see expanding into food service in the future of Dollars Plus.

    As mentioned before, Dollars Plus is not your average c-store, and their inventory proves it.  You can find laundry detergent, paper towels, and even DOG BEDS at Dollars Plus.  All name brand.  All fairly priced.  Shatanie says that the family has even made the decision to renovate and create space for even more products so that they can continue to grJHC32C7ow the business.

    How has goEBT helped the Brewers' business?  Shatanie shared the goEBT's EBT processing was an essential part of serving the community where there store is located, as many customers needed a place that was easy to get to and carried a good variety of food.  Also, the Brewers have added our prepaid solutions to their store, which allows them to sell digital gaming gift cards to local families who may only have cash and need an easy way to load credits to their favorite PlayStation or Xbox games, a solution that the younger crowd loves.

    We are so happy for the Brewers on their success and really excited that they are even in the process of opening another location!  Hopefully their story will inspire many other families to continue thinking outside the box and keeping the customer first when making decisions for their stores.