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    Make the Best Selling Items Easier to Find

    Make the best selling items easier to find

    Learning about your customers shopping habits is a great way to determine how your store layout should be set up. You want the best selling items to be easy to find in a convenient spot. Unlike clothing stores, your customers are not looking to browse around to find things that they want. They know what they need and have the intention of spending no more than a few minutes in the store.  Here are some ways to make the best selling items easier to find and maximize your selling opportunities.

    Store Layout

    A technique called visual merchandising maximizes your design floor and shelving layout. The idea is to make your best selling products easier to find.

    The first step to making items easier to find is by having a straight floor layout. This is something that most grocery stores and C-stores use. This maximizes floor space and allows customers to clearly define focal points. Instead of using an angular store layout or a loop floor plan where customers must search for the item that they want. This way, areas do not get over crowded and create too much foot traffic.

    Your best selling items does not necessarily mean that they should be in the front of the store. While you want you want your best selling items easier to find, you also want customers to pick up a few extra items as well. Try placing some of the items in the front of store as well as the back of store. This way, they will see a few other items they want and pick those up as well.


    Keeping your store cleaned and organized is another great way to make your best selling items are easier to find. If your store is messy and products are not in the correct spot, customers will get frustrated and can result in a loss of business. Make sure your employees are constantly walking around making sure merchandise is in its correct spot. Especially during busy hours where customers may not put things back in its correct spot.

    Try organizing the shelves at the cash register and placing some of your best selling products there. Customers may not have realized they needed that item and grab it as well while they are checking out.

    Put Them on Display

    Counter display racks are another great way to organize the items. Grab your customers attention by putting the best selling items on display. You can have these located throughout the store, but remember to keep items grouped consistently.

    Overstock your best selling items a few days before EBT benefits are recharged. Being able to anticipate what will sell is great for your business and customers.

    Remember, your best selling products today may not be the best sellers six months from now. Keep your store up to date and move merchandise around as seasons change!