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    Looking Forward to 2019

    The new year is right around the corner. 2018 has flown by and is almost in the rear-view mirror. Despite the ups and downs of the c-store industry this year, you should still be ready to enter 2019 with a positive outlook for your business and your life.

    Just like in personal lives, stores should have new year resolutions. It is important to have goals in mind, rather than just dreams.Some people desire to lose weight, start a new hobby, or even meet love in the upcoming new year. A business should have the same optimism. However, are you unsure about where to start and/or how to follow through on these New Year goals for 2019?  The following steps should help.

    Dream vs Goal

    Some may argue that they are the same thing. But there is a clear difference among the two. A goal has a plan and a dream does not. A person can desire to lose ten pounds, but if they never do anything towards losing the weight then it is simply a dream. Yet, if you go to the gym and change your lifestyle, you are working towards a goal. 

    With that being said, what is your plan for the success you want as a store owner? It could be difficult to even develop a plan in general, but by doing the following, those dreams may become goals. 

    Pen & Paper

    In order to begin the process, you must write down exactly what you want, as specific as possible. Within that goal, be specific with the time frame in which you plan to accomplish the goal, too. For example, if you want to increase advertising for your store, then write down how long you believe it’ll take you. Writing down your goals will not only motivate you, but it will create a realistic perspective on them. 


    Now that you have the goal and time-frame, you’ll need to write out the game plan. What are the necessary steps towards your goal? Again, be as specific as possible. Breakdown each step. By breaking down each step, it’ll make you feel more comfortable towards your goal. Many times, people become overwhelmed with big tasks and have no idea where to start. The moment you allow yourself to become lost in your goal, you have already lost. So, write down each step and check them off as you complete each step. 


    As you finish more and more steps, it is important to slow things down. By slow things down, I don’t mean slow your progress but remember to smell the roses. Reflect on each step you have taken. Acknowledge that you are working towards this goal and your journey has begun. In addition, think to yourself. Are there things you need to adjust in your plan? Has the time-frame changed? Has the actual goal changed? Be clear about where you are and remind yourself of the end goal as much as you can.

    Reward Yourself

    This usually is forgotten. Every moment you have achieved a step, that is victory. Yes, the main goal may not have been accomplished, nor even close, but you are making progress. That goal is closer than ever before and that is something to celebrate about. When you do accomplish a big step in your plan, celebrate that milestone. You have been working hard and your work will reflect it. Even if the reward is small, it is still self-recognition. Celebrating and rewarding also helps your mentality. It’ll motivate you even more towards your goal.

    You should even consider celebrating your success with employees and customers.  Offer a new discount on consumer favorites in celebration of your business growth or improvement, or maybe host an event celebrating the accomplishment.  Customers are encouraged to spend their money at a business that clearly aims to continue improving, celebrating your success could be a great way to catch their attention.


    As an owner, your plan may have different steps compared to others but that’s okay. Each store is different; therefore, each plan should be properly adjusted to each store. Remember not to lose focus. It’ll be difficult but the moment your goal is achieved, it would have all been worth it. 

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