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    Generational Differences That Impact Shopping Behavior

    Shopper demographics are shifting, and store owners need to learn about the generations that are going to influence their business. Convenience Store News’ 2023 consumer study revealed that Millennials and Gen Z are “increasingly shaping the convenience store proposition.” A few key generational insights include…



    Millennials make up 21.75% of the United States, followed by Boomers (21.16%), Gen Z (20.67%), and Generation X (19.83%), according to Statista. With Millennials and Gen Z making up the majority of your shoppers, consider leveraging social media with them, as they can become excellent brand ambassadors and are more easily influenced by social media messaging. Social media is also a low-cost way to advertise your store and attract potential customers.


    It extremely important for store owners to pay attention to generational preferences in their customer base and cater to them in their store. With 86% of people shopping at the same location each time, bringing in new customers can boost loyalty and generate repeat sales for your store. 


    Learn more about types of shoppers + how to cater to your customer